Petrus Andre

Digital Marketer

Marketplace Seller

Content Writer


I have been working since 2015. Starting my journey as a content writer, then I learning to run my very first digital ads. From that I jump on performance marketing and do app marketing. Last 2 years I try to understand better about onsite/marketplace marketing.

6 Years of

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Petrus Andre

"Marketing is not about how much your budget is, it’s about solving user’s pain point and how to deliver it."

I am a digital marketing enthusiast. Over 6 years of experience in digital and performance marketing including content and copy writing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and marketplace marketing as well.


Working Experience

Performance Marketing


(2021, Jakarta)

Solution Manager

(2020, Ho Chi Minh City)

App Marketing


(2019, Tangerang)

Digital Marketing

Tickled Media

(2018, Jakarta)

Digital & Content

Shape Up Indonesia

(2016, Jakarta)

Content Producer


(2015, Jakarta)

Numbers that you might want to know


Items Sold*


Ads Creation


Cups of Cofee



List of items that we can collaborate

Digital Marketing

  • Digital ads
  • SEO setup
  • Basic webdesign
  • App marketing
  • Social media marketing

Onsite Marketing

  • Store management
  • Marketplace ads setup
  • Marketplace ads otpimization
  • SKU content management
  • Promotoin planning

Content Creation

  • Exclusive product review
  • Blog sponsor post
  • Blogger outreach
  • Landing page content
  • Link building

Some common question
that people asking

I provide kind of any digital marketing services, like digital ads setup and optimization, including web design and SEO. I also open for collaboration project such as Blogger outreach, product review, and more.
Usually, you'll provide any timeline request for each project. If anything are clear from both side, I'll start working based on requested timeline.
I accept payment by paypal and local bank transfer. Pricing is per project which is can be customize as you need. For some special condition, I take payment by product barter.

If you have any project, come talk with me.

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